Viteria Fusani uses a Quality Manual that also includes a Corporate Policy aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction. Our company works in a continuous improvement framework driven by supplier evaluation, process and product control and customer expectation assessment.

Our products undergo dimensional controls in all processes by means of measuring devices that are periodically calibrated according to our internal operating instructions. The measurements are constantly recorded on specific control plans that are stored in our archives to issue compliance certificates.

We perform internal controls for every batch of heat-treated products to ensure the levels of hardness and torsional strength requested by the customers. As to zinc-plated items (ROHS compliant), we check the thickness of the zinc coatings with an ad-hoc tool named Fisher Phasescope. We keep samples and records for each batch requiring heat treatment (tempering, carbonitriding, etc).

Profile projector

We use this device equipped with lenses to inspect details with an accuracy in the order of a hundredth of a thousandth.

Process control systems

These systems are installed on all our machines to detect and avoid any process deviations by measuring the strain rate.

Dimensional measuring instruments

Comparators, gauges, micrometers, threaded rings and all devices used to measure the dimensions of our products in compliance with specific control plans.


We ensure traceability of our products on the basis of the batch number reported on the packaging label. This identifies the path that products have followed from the raw materials to the distribution center.

Work orders with bill of material

Our customer order is processed and translated into a bill of material to be managed in the internal and external production processes and is accompanied by drawings and control plans.

Batch Id number

From the beginning of the production process until the labeling of finished products, we use a single number to track the history of the batch.

Raw material traceability

Each reel of threaded wire is always associated to its casting Id that can tracked back by indicating the batch number.


Quality and traceability


Special Projects